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Buying wind anemometers at, your source supplier for wind speed meter. We provide hand held digital anemometer, cup anemometer and ultrasonic anemometer with competitive price and excellent quality.

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We supply intelligent, cost-effective wind measuring meters and services to companies, weather stations, hospitals, universities, government agencies, fire departments and other consumers who want to buy anemometers. Including digital vane anemometer, cup anemometer, ultrasonic anemometer, etc. is committed to meeting any activity that requires measuring the weather. With 20 years of experience, irreplaceable quality and service, our products are exported to more than 100 countries…

ATO wind speed sensors

ATO Anemometers

Anemometers measure airspeed and pressure, also known as air velocity meter or wind speed gauge. They can measure other various parameters such as CFM, air temperature, pressure, relative humidity, and windchill factors. The wind speed measuring device is generally small, light and portable for use. Anemometer has wide applications in weather station, industry, agriculture, HAVC, exhaust system, etc.

Digital vane anemometer handheld
Handheld Digital Anemometer

Handheld digital vane anemometer can be used in measurement of wind velocity, temperature and flow. It has data holding, storing and deleting functions, low battery indicating & auto power off function.

3-cup anemometer with 045 m/s wind speed
Three Cup Anemometer

3-cup anemometer is specifically designed to accurately and reliably measure air velocity under the adverse environmental conditions, suitable for weather station and industrial/agriculture applications. Three-cup anemometer for quick purchase.

ATO ultrasonic anemometer 60 m/s
Ultrasonic Anemometer

Ultrasonic wind speed & direction anemometer suitable for solar or battery powered environment with low power consumption requirements. High-strength structural design, accurate and stable elements, low maintenance.