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Handheld Vane Anemometer, 0~45 m/s

Digital vane anemometer measuring 0~45 m/s wind speed, 0~9999 CFM/CMM air volume, air temperature range 0~45 ℃. Units conversions of Ft/min, Knots, km/h, Mph are available.

Measuring Specifications
Item RangeResolutionAccuracy
Wind Speed0.0-45.0 m/s0.001±3% ± 0.1 m/s
Wind Speed0.0-8800 ft/min0.01/0.1/1±3% ± 20 ft/min
Wind Speed0.0-88.0 knots0.001±3% ± 0.2 knots
Wind Speed0.0-100 Mph0.001/0.01±3% ± 0.2 Mph
Wind Flow0-9999 CFM (FT/MIN)0.001-1000.001-9999
Wind Flow0-9999 CMM (M/MIN)0.001-1000.001-9999
Item RangeResolutionAccuracy
Air Temperature0~45℃0.1±1.0℃
Air Temperature32~113℉0.1±1.8℉
3-cup anemometer with 045 m/s wind speed
3-Cup Anemometer, 0~45 m/s, RS 485 Output

Low price three cup anemometer direct sale by manufacturer, output signals include pulse, current 4-20 mA, RS-485, supply voltage DC 5-24 V or 12-24 V. Suitable for weather station and industrial/agriculture applications.

Output Signal (Optional)Pulses (PNP)4-20mARS-4850-5 V
Power SupplyDC 5 V, 12-24 V
Load Capacity>1kΩ<500Ω>1kΩ
Wind Speed Range0~45 m/s (Limit: 50m/s)
Accuracy± (0.3 + 0.03 V) m/s
Response Time<1s
Starting Threshold<0.5 m/s
Main MaterialCarbon Fiber
Ingress ProtectionIP 65
Operating Temperature-40 ~ +50℃
Ultrasonic Anemometer for Wind Speed and Direction

Ultrasonic wind sensor for sale, for 0~40 m/s air velocity and 0-360° wind direction measurement. Ultrasonic anemometer has a more compact structure, a smaller size, and is easy to use and portable.

Measurement Specifications
ItemRangeResolutionAccuracyStarting Threshold
Wind Speed0-40 m/s0.1 m/s± 3%0.1 m/s
Wind Direction0~360°± 3°0.1 m/s
Extreme Wind Speed60 m/s
System Specifications
Power SupplyDC 12-24 V
Power Consumption1.7 W
Output Signal (Optional)4-20 mA, RS 232, RS 485 (Modbus/NMEA-0183), SDI-12
Operating Temperature-30 ~ +60℃
Ingress ProtectionIP 65
DimensionФ 82*108mm