Application of Wind Speed Sensor

In the field of agriculture, wind direction and wind speed play a very important role. They play a key role in plant growth and development to pollination, including the spread of pests and diseases in farmland, which are also inseparable from wind speed and wind direction. Physical damage to agricultural products, such as crops falling to the ground, trees leaning, fruit falling, etc., will affect the final yield of crops. Monitoring the wind direction and speed in the agricultural field can prevent sand dunes from moving, destroying farmland, and preventing excessive wind speed from causing heavy losses to crops.

Application of anemometers in agriculture

Weather monitoring
Surface wind direction monitoring: In some special areas, such as deserts and plateaus, people will always pay attention to the changes in wind speed and direction, and predict the upcoming weather, so as to formulate corresponding plans. At this time, anemometers will come in handy. An important part is the instrument with the wind speed and direction sensor.

Marine meteorology
The weather on the ocean is complex and changeable. Experienced personnel will judge the weather by observing the changes in the clouds over the ocean and the fluctuation of the sea water. Now with the anemometers, more accurate data can be detected. In the field of marine meteorology, wind speed and wind direction sensors are generally not used alone, and weather judgment requires comprehensive indicators, so a series of monitoring equipment such as temperature sensors, relative humidity sensors, and air pressure sensors are used to comprehensively predict weather conditions.

As a kind of pitot tube wind speed sensor, the “pitot tube” on the aircraft is a very important monitoring tool on the aircraft. The wind speed sensor is located outside the fuselage where it is less affected by the airflow. When the aircraft is flying, the airflow will enter the pitot tube. , the wind speed sensor starts to work. At this moment, the impact force of the wind speed sensor is also called dynamic pressure. The faster the aircraft speed, the stronger the dynamic pressure. Managers can judge their speed by observing the data.

Coal mine operation
In the mine operation, ventilation is very important. The wind speed and air volume determine whether the oxygen is enough during the mine operation, and also affect the concentration of harmful gases such as gas or carbon monoxide. In the ventilation system of underground mines, the installation of wind speed sensors can assist relevant personnel to check the wind speed changes in the mine anytime and anywhere, so as to make corresponding countermeasures randomly according to the situation.

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