Features of Handheld Digital Anemometers

The handheld digital vane anemometer can be used to monitor the wind direction and speed in the fields of meteorological monitoring, agricultural and forestry crop planting, navigation, and aviation. The digital anemometer consists of a strut, a wind vane, a wind cup and a wind direction and wind speed sensor. The wind cup can measure the wind direction, and the wind cup speed can be used for wind speed calculation. The instrument has a low voltage prompt function, which can manually record the wind direction and speed, and can also be automatically monitored for a long time by the instrument. The instrument has a voice alarm function and can broadcast over-limit information. The monitoring data can be transmitted wirelessly, and users can view the monitoring data on the web page.

Digital vane anemometer handheld

The installation direction of the hand-held wind speed and direction sensor needs to point to the north direction. If the pointing is deviated, you need to perform a one-key reset operation. After facing the north direction, press and hold the operation button for 1-2 seconds and then automatically reset. During installation, avoid high temperature, high humidity, dusty and direct sunlight affect anemometer performance. The digital vane anemometer adopts low power consumption design, increases system monitoring and protection measures, and can work for a long time to avoid system crash. The instrument host has a large storage capacity and can record multiple sets of data.

The handheld digital vane anemometer is a relatively precise instrument, which is strictly protected against collision and vibration, and cannot be used in places with excessive dust content or corrosiveness. The instrument is equipped with 4 batteries. When adjusting the “full adjustment” knob, if the meter cannot reach the full scale, it means that a single battery is exhausted. When adjusting the “coarse adjustment” and “fine adjustment” knobs, if the meter pointer does not return when it reaches zero, the three batteries are exhausted. When replacing the battery, open the small door at the bottom of the instrument and connect it in the correct direction. After the instrument has been repaired, it must be recalibrated.

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